Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer is the lively story of legal giant Nathan Burkan, whose career encapsulated the coming of age of the institutions, archetypes, and attitudes that defineЧитать

When we talk about sex—whether great, good, bad, or unlawful—we often turn to consent as both our erotic and moral savior. We ask questions like, What counts as sexual consent? HowЧитать

Discussions about U.S. migration policing have traditionally focused on enforcement along the highly charged U.S.-Mexico boundary. Enforcement practices such as detention policies designed to restrict access to asylum also transpireЧитать

This groundbreaking text provides students with an overview and assessment of green criminology as well as a call to action.&#160;<I>Green Criminology&#160;</I>draws attention to the ways in which the political-economic organizationЧитать

Im Jahr 2015 revolutionierte Papst Franziskus das Eheprozessrecht. Seither müssen Ehenichtigkeitsverfahren, die mit einem positiven Urteil enden, nicht mehr von Amts wegen an die zweite Instanz weitergeleitet werden. Verfahren kommenЧитать

Neben der Befassung mit Grundsatzfragen des gesonderten und einheitlichen Feststellungsverfahrens ist es ein erstes Hauptanliegen dieser Publikation, die zunächst begründete materiell-rechtliche Subjektivität von Mitunternehmerschaften in das Verfahrensrecht zu implementieren. EsЧитать

Let's face it. Children love looking at big, exotic wildlife that roam about the African Serengeti. Even if our young ones cannot get to Tanzania to see these amazing creaturesЧитать

An Entrenched Legacy takes a fresh look at the role of the Supreme Court in our modern constitutional system. Although criticisms of judicial power today often attribute its rise toЧитать

“No nation can win a battle without faith,” Steve Biko wrote, and as Daniel R. Magaziner demonstrates in The Law and the Prophets, the combination of ideological and theological explorationЧитать

Gibbons v. Ogden, Law, and Society in the Early Republic examines a landmark decision in American jurisprudence, the first Supreme Court case to deal with the thorny legal issue ofЧитать