Provides expert insights and full-color photos related to building, renovating, or refreshing dental office space. Contributors include dental architects, design consultants, and practicing dentists. прикладные отрасли медицины, стоматология 51717231  Читать

Provides dental practices with sample job descriptions, guidelines for handling hiring and terminations, performance evaluations, and salary reviews. прикладные отрасли медицины, стоматология Guidelines for Practice Success 51717223   3376.23 руб. ЧитатьЧитать

Provides dental practices with guidelines on implenting a branding strategy, website development, print and digital marketing, referral generating techniques, and advertising. прикладные отрасли медицины, стоматология Guidelines for Practice Success 51717215Читать

Provides an overview of key financial concepts for managing the business side of a practice including finanical policies, dealing with dental benefit plans, managing risk and preventing fraud, and definingЧитать

Proven techniques for providing an outstanding dental patient experience. Covers informed consent, referrals, patient reactivation and retention, and patient dismissal. прикладные отрасли медицины, стоматология Guidelines for Practice Success 51717199  Читать

Provides legal guidance for dental practice formation, marketing, employment, privacy and data security, disability access, contracts, antitrust, insurance, collections, reimbursement, patient treatment, and more. Covers the Physician Payment Sunshine Act,Читать

Provides sample employee policies and procedures, forms, and worksheets to help dental practices develop an employee handbook. Covers employee compensation and benefits; internet and social media communication; employee conduct; jobЧитать

Provides over 200 sample letters and emails, website content, Facebook and Twitter posts, and text messages. Topics include insurance letters explaining how insurance works, UCR, and coordination of benefits, pastЧитать

Dental caries, periodontitis, tooth loss, and bone resorption are considered prevalent health problems that have direct affect on the quality of life. While, advances in stem cell biology and biotechnologyЧитать