A defining scholarly publication on the past and current state of research with psychedelic plant substances for medicine, therapeutics, and spiritual uses.<br><br>Certain plants have long been known to contain healingЧитать

The classic works by the renowned Russian scientist who published the first edition of <i>The Biosphere</i> in 1926. This unabridged translation is made from the 1944 edition and translated fromЧитать

The life story of John P. Allen, inventor of the largest laboratory for global ecology ever built and one of the most luminous minds of our time. Contained within aЧитать

For more than two decades, award-winning science and environmental journalist, Christian Schwägerl has researched how humans, nature, and technology interact. According to Paul Crutzen, we are now living in aЧитать

Bridging the clinical electrophysiological investigation with the neurological consultation Acutely ill patients present with symptoms that don’t immediately yield a diagnosis. Electrophysiological testing can support diagnosis but only if theЧитать

We live in the 21 century. Computers are everywhere, but our own live neurocomputer is still «a mystery». Not for all. Science collected impressive material and many questions are alreadyЧитать

Ви колись думали про те, що таке емоції? Чому дотепний жарт викликає сміх, а скоєна помилка – почуття прикрості? Що відбувається всередині нас, коли по обличчю течуть сльози або колиЧитать